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Terms and conditions of business – medico-legal work

It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure adequate funding is available before the work is confirmed. The amount due to The Oaktree Clinic shall not be subject to taxation by the Court.

All invoices will be payable within 2 weeks of the report being completed.

Late & Deferred Payments

No work will be undertaken on deferred payments basis.

Once the work is completed and report ready, the payment of the invoice will be due. The report will then be forwarded to the client once the payment of invoice is received in full.

A further 8% late payment fee will be charged for payments delayed by over 2 weeks as set out in the Late Payment of Commercial Debts Act.

Refunds and Waivers

Fees are not subject to a refund or waiver in whole or in part in the event of disallowance or reduction on the Court’s assessment for costs and fees or refusal by the funding, paying or contributing party/firm to pay in full, part or at all.

Non-Attendance of Appointment

In the event that an appointment for a consultation is not kept, or is cancelled with less than 5 day notice a fee equivalent to the allocated appointment time (2 hours) plus administrative cost of £50 will be payable to The Oaktree Clinic by the client.

In the absence of more than 2 working days notice for cancellation of appointment, a settlement of the case or all or part of a booked Court appearance, 90% is payable of the amount that would have been payable in the event of non-cancellation.

In the event of more than 2 working days but less than 14 working days notice, 50% is payable of the amount that would have been payable in the event of non-cancellation. In the event of more than 14 days notice no cancellation fee is required.

Confidentiality & Data Protection

The Client shall treat all information supplied by the expert witness as confidential and not disclose it without the prior consent of The Oaktree Clinic except for the purpose of the specified litigation.

All the case related records will be destroyed 6 months after the appointment as part of our information governance policy & procedure unless other arrangements are made for their return.

Please note:

These terms are subject to change. We therefore suggest that you request a copy of our current terms on all future instructions.