Oaktree is Different

At Oaktree we do not cut corners for commercial success. All the mental health assessments are carried out by experts in the field, highly skilled Psychiatrists with years of experience in brain treatments.
The treatment is administered by Psychiatrists or psychology and neuroscience graduates only unlike other clinics.

Reduction of Depression Symptoms after TMS at Oaktree

Depression scores reduced with every 5 sessions of TMS at Oaktree


We use Beck’s depressive Inventory (BDI) Scales which is a reliable and well known, research based instrument to detect and monitor depression symptoms, at the beginning of treatment snd then after every 5 sessions of rTMS. 

The scores are placed on the graph seen above. In this case, we see a consistent fall in the symptoms.



91% of the patients recovered from depression after TMS treatment with Oaktree

This High success rate has not been replicated in any other clinics in the country.
How is Oaktree Different
  • We have the most experienced psychiatrists in the city with expertise in TMS conducting the pre-treatment assessment.
  • Only Psychiatrists and Psychology/ Neuroscience graduates administer TMS treatment at Oaktree.
  • We provide free face to face reviews with the psychiatrists during the duration of the treatment on a weekly basis.
  • Mindfulness and relaxation therapy are provided by our therapists free of charge during TMS, if required.
  • Oaktree experts are available for any phone advice during the treatment in case of any side effects.
Please let us know if you would like to view our audit results prior to making your decision about TMS.