The Oaktree Clinic commits to provide excellent specialist care to older adults with any mental health issues. Older Adult Psychiatrists at the clinic have unique skill sets with the ability to treat patients with memory problems, and mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, psychosis that may also be complicated by physical illnesses like cardiovascular diseases, osteoarthritis and sensory deprivation. These specialists are also experienced in managing psychological and social impact of ageing.

We provide you with timely & consistent treatment in a comfortable and caring environment of Oaktree. Our doctors and nurses can visit you at home for assessment, diagnosis and treatment. We may refer you for blood tests & head scan followed by a review to your/ private GP if you wish.

We have specialist psychologists to offer a wide variety of talking therapies. and can refer you for evidence based supportive therapies for older adults e.g. Dance movement therapy, relaxation and mindfulness therapy, available at Oaktree.

Oaktree is the only service in West Midlands to offer ground-breaking and highly effective rTMS treatment for selected mental health disorders in Older Adult.

At The Oaktree Clinic we realise that the family and carers play a vital role in patient treatment and rehabilitation. We work with the carers to ensure recovery and a better quality of life.