Oaktree Connect brings together cutting-edge technology with mental health care to all, irrespective of age, culture, language, ability, income. Our mission is to provide wide range of highest quality, traditional evidence based mental health services alongside safe up-to-date treatments, as a national centre of excellence.

We know that technology is important, at Oaktree Connect we have used it to empower people who experience mental health problems, making it easy to reach out to seek care and make informed choices to improve the quality of their lives and recover.

The service will be “end-to-end”, multi-disciplinary, multi-professional to make it simple and seamless for the users, our patients and practitioners, both in the short and long term. This is unlike the current provision of services within the private sector which is quite clearly fragmented and sometimes not evidence based.

Our care also extends to the clinicians who work with us as we provide a safe environment for them to work in and encourage ongoing learning and development.

As an organisation we will campaign against the stigma of mental illness so that it is treated the same as any other disease.