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ADHD at Oaktree

Our service aims to offer comprehensive diagnostic assessment, treatment, ongoing care and support for adolescents and adults with a diagnosis of ADHD and their families.

We seek to improve the lives of young people, and adults, as well as those who care for them. Services for ADHD are often fragmented. Even after diagnosis, individuals with ADHD can face difficulties accessing meaningful and expert support. Oaktree is the only provider offering a “one-stop service” that is holistic and evidence-based. Oaktree provides diagnostic assessment, a menu of therapeutic interventions to meet a wide range of needs, and specialist consultation to families and carers as well as employers, if required.

Video About ADHD during the time of Coronavirus

Three of our patients with ADHD talk about their experiences with ADHD before and after treatment, the challenges of forced isolation during the lockdown period and their positive strategies to manage these challenges.

ADHD & Coronavirus

Assessment and Diagnosis

We will require some information before the assessment as it allows us to provide a more accurate diagnosis and ensures that you are prepared for the main assessment stage. During the pre-assessment we will require:

  • Completion of Adult ADHD Self Report Scale questionnaire (ASRS), that is provided by us
  • Access to any prior assessments and reports
  • School reports if available


One of our experienced psychiatrists will conduct a diagnostic evaluation using evidence-based tools and diagnostic criterion. It is best to attend with a family member or close friend so that they are able to provide an objective view about issues. The clinician will be looking for the following:

  • Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM) criteria for diagnosis of ADHD
  • Presence of any other psychological or psychiatric issues alongside ADHD
  • Examination of prior physical health related history

At the Oaktree Clinic we can offer several treatment options.


  • The clinician will discuss risks and benefits of commencing a long-term drug and the side effects
  • Request blood Investigations before commencing medication- liver function, Urea and electrolytes, diabetes test& heart monitoring (ECG)
  • Physical health checks- Blood pressure, Pulse

Psychological interventions:

  • For the impact of having to live with a ADHD and behavioural interventions such as forming strategies to deal with symptoms and other issues that may coexist.
ADHD Social Skills Enhancement Programme

Designed at Oaktree this is a 6 sessions therapy to help you develop or enhance social skills and organisational skills for individuals with ADHD. It will provide you with the ability to:

  • Organise your time more effectively
  • Learn to handle distractions
  • Improve communication and problem solving skills

This programme is carefully developed by our team of psychologists with experience of many years. If you have suffered from “not being able to fit” or being late all the time as, missing appointments, being seen as rude then this group will be able to help you. All you have to do is remain fully engaged throughout the sessions and implement the skills learnt in your life.