Dr Das is a Consultant Psychiatrist with experience in assessing and treating the whole range of mental health & psychological issues in older adults. She works within the NHS and Private sector. Dr Das has special interest in treating memory problems (Adults of all ages), Alcohol & Substance Misuse in Older People and Physical & Mental Health issues in Older People with forensic history. Her original piece of research is in Older People and Offending. She also assists and reports on medico-legal issues in old age; Consent & Capacity assessments, Certificates of Lasting Power of Attorney, Court of Protection and Testamentary Capacity.

“What an absorbing Speciality! I have enjoyed the social, cultural, psychological, cognitive and biological aspects of ageing. I completed Masters (MSc) in Gerontology from Kings College London, to consolidate my interests in inter-disciplinary perspective of ageing, including the implications of ageing on wider health, social and policy processes,   I am a firm believer in prevention of diseases and maintaining health. I enjoy integrating evidence based knowledge and skills of Ayurveda Nutrition & Lifestyle Practices in clinical practice.”

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