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London team members

The Oaktree Clinic have a dedicated team of highly experienced consultants operating across a range of disiplines based in London. Click on each disipline below to view the consultants.

Neuropsychiatry & Liaison Psychiatry
Dr Meetu Singh Sonsati
Dr Meetu Sonsati
Expertise: General Adult Psychiatry, Eating Disorders, Perinatal & Neuropsychiatry

Dr Meetu Sonsati has a wealth of experience and skill in assessment and management of patients with psychiatric disorders. Her special interest is in treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders including adult ADHD, Epilepsy & Non epileptic attack disorder, sleep disorders, functional movement disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, conversion disorders.

‘I have a vision, that we will one day accept mental health issues just as we do any other physical health problems. I want to aid that by creating a service that is open, seamlessly integrates both these areas of medicine without forgetting that psychiatry is unique, in that we look at the person as a whole rather than just a diagnosis. I believe in the holistic approach and therefore use the cognitive behavioural and psychoanalytical approach in assessment, treatment and care. I passionately support the campaign against stigma of mental illness.’

Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
Dr Minnie Joseph

Dr. Minnie Joseph is a Senior Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist with over 25 years of experience in this field. She undertook her training in England and has since then worked in both, NHS and private sector. Dr. Joseph also has 13 years of inpatient experience and was the medical director of Woodbourne Priory Hospital for 8 years. In addition to her psychiatric degree, Dr. Joseph also has expertise in psychological therapies like Eye Movement Desensitisation, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Social Learning Theory, Systemic Family Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

‘I am indeed very fortunate to be able to work in a field that gives me so much satisfaction; the human mind is both, fascinating and powerful. The more skilled I have become the more I have realised how important it is to pass these skills on to my patients so that they can be empowered to be the architects of their own destiny. I feel very passionately about this and therefore use my expertise to offer personalised treatment plans for each person I see.’

Dr Anupama Iyer
Expertise: Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Dr Anupama Iyer is a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist with over 15 years of experience in this field. She undertook her dual training in Learning Disabilities and Child Psychiatry in the UK and has since then worked in various inpatient settings and is currently the Medical Director at an independent hospital under the Priory-PiC group of hospitals. She has expertise in assessment and diagnosis of various neurodevelopmental disorders like ADHD, ASD and Tourette’s Syndrome and is trained in the use of specialist diagnostic instruments like the DISCO. She has also trained as an Expert Witness for court.

‘I have undertaken dual training in Learning Disabilities and Child Psychiatry to be able to work with young people with developmental disorders who have been both my area of expertise and my passion. I have felt privileged in working with young people and their families at improving the quality of life and optimising the potential of young people at a very malleable time in their lives. I believe that the delivery of flexible, person centred and evidence based therapies influences positively the trajectories of young lives.’

Older Adult Psychiatry
Dr Kavita Das

Dr Das is a Consultant Psychiatrist with experience in assessing and treating the whole range of mental health & psychological issues in older adults. She works within the NHS and Private sector. Dr Das has special interest in treating memory problems (Adults of all ages), Alcohol & Substance Misuse in Older People and Physical & Mental Health issues in Older People with forensic history. Her original piece of research is in Older People and Offending. She also assists and reports on medico-legal issues in old age; Consent & Capacity assessments, Certificates of Lasting Power of Attorney, Court of Protection and Testamentary Capacity.

“What an absorbing Speciality! I have enjoyed the social, cultural, psychological, cognitive and biological aspects of ageing. I completed Masters (MSc) in Gerontology from Kings College London, to consolidate my interests in inter-disciplinary perspective of ageing, including the implications of ageing on wider health, social and policy processes,   I am a firm believer in prevention of diseases and maintaining health. I enjoy integrating evidence based knowledge and skills of Ayurveda Nutrition & Lifestyle Practices in clinical practice.”

Learn more about Dr Das at her website.