Oaktree has proudly been able to call Edgbaston, Birmingham home since 2015. Since then the service has gone from strength to strength, we are now able to offer an extensive and unrivalled array of mental health services. 

The Oaktree Clinic Birmingham is conveniently located opposite two minutes walk from Five Ways Station, just off Broad Street.


We are able to offer all our mental health and wellbeing services including psychiatric assessments, diagnosis and care as well as psychological therapies from the clinic. With our dedicated team of doctors, psychologists and other clinicians, we work with the patients and GP’s to

support a client’s smooth recovery and improve their level of social & occupational functioning. We see the patient through their diagnosis, treatment, therapy, recovery and relapse prevention.

The Birmingham clinic provides high quality multi-disciplinary, all ages services. Dr Meetu Sonsati, Professor Swaran Singh and Dr Alfred White handle leading the general adult. Dr Tarun Kuruvilla and Dr Kavita Das are our Older Adult specialists. Child and Adolescent Psychiatry patients are seen by Dr Anupama Iyer and Dr Minnie Joseph. We also have two highly skilled Psychologists in form of Dr Karen Barton and Dr Nick Zygouris.

Dr Meetu Singh Sonsati, General Adult Psychiatry

Professor Swaran Singh, General Adult Psychiatry

Dr Alfred White, General Adult Psychiatry

Dr Kavita Das, Older Adult Psychiatry







Dr Karen Barton, Clinical Psychology

Dr Anupama Iyer, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Dr Minnie Joseph

Dr Minnie Joseph, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Dr Tarun Kuruvilla, Older Adult Psychiatry